VT Recovery

Masters of Hide and Seek!

Why Use VT Recovery?

Welcome to VT Recovery, your collateral recovery specialist located in the Phoenix, Az area. We are prepared to provide you with a professional recovery service with an unsurpassed commitment to your fullest satisfaction.

VT Recovery is Licensed, Bonded and Insured with one of the most Comprehensive Insurance Companies in the recovery industry. Providing our clients with $3 Million in Complete Liability Protection, including a $1 Million Bond.

Updates are obtained daily from our Field Agents and are transcribed by our Field Report Processors on a timely basis. Updates are consistantly available via email, phone or fax. A Centralized Information Center offers you a single point of contact to handle all of your service needs. Digital communications provide office to field agent information transfers instantly, at any time, day or night.

We offer full time delivery staff and transport to desired Auctions, Dealerships, or any special client request ...

By using the state of the art "DRN LPR 2.0 Camera Recognition System" ... You Can Run, but you Can't Hide!" This system captures pictures of license plates from our Catch Vehicle and scans your missing units while our spotters are running your accounts.

VT Recovery includes Impounds, Voluntary and Involuntary Recoverys, Door Knock and Field Visit, Skip Tracing and Transport. We have Statewide coverage for light, medium, and heavy Duty Recoveries. These are available for cars, trucks, motorcycles and forklifts. In addition to watercrafts, trailers, antiques and airplanes. Special requests are also welcome!

Networked with 1 Repo, Repo Systems, RDN, DRN, and Open Lane.