About Valley Family Businesses

First off, we are excited you inquired about one of more of Valley Family Businesses serving all aspects of the transportation industry. We are not only dedictated to, but dependant on your total customer satisfaction.

The Mission of Valley Towing and Valley Limousine along with Valley Charter, Valley Drive Away and VT Recovery has been to foster the highest standards in customer service through professional operations at every level, ensuring every client/customer a uniquely affluent experience with performance of friendly, efficient, and detail oriented people.

Robert E. Dyar established Valley Towing in 1963. As Valley's first Tow truck driver, along with his wife Karen working in the dispatch, the company was founded and service levels were established. By August of 1968, Valley towing had grown and began functioning as a family owned Corporation. Utilizing this growth and experience, a sister company named Valley Limousine was formed in 1983 with Rinny Dyar as its first Chauffeur. Spawning from these successful ventures, Valley Charter was added along with the creation of VT Recovery and Valley Drive Away hilighted in this website. The overall group of Valley Family Businesses have been proudly family owned and operated with its dedicated team of employees for almost 50 Years.

Thank you for looking us up. It's not only our entire family's goal, but our entire company's goal is to earn your business and be your preference for the future!

Rinny Dyar
Senior Vice President