I have done business with Valley for over 30 years. Its Family owned and Operated and employees are treated like Family too. If other companies used Valley's model for running a business they would all have a 5 Star rating. The quality of Service is always the Best.

Marion Minchuk
West USA Realty


On Time, Accurate, Careful and Friendly. That's Valley Towing, and that's why Blackwell Automotive feels great referring all our Towing business to them. Valley Towing is Great !!!

Matt Higgins
Blackwell Automotive


It is indeed a pleasure for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers to recognize Valley Limousine & Charter among the best in the valley. For the past two years you have provided us clean buses and punctual services, which has met our stringent criteria every time. We look forward to doing business with Valley for several auctions to come.

Allison Wennberg
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers


We have used many tow companies over the last 20 years and have experienced many different results thru time. Several years ago we found Valley Towing and since have dedicated our business to them because there are never any surprises for us or our clients. Thanks to this great team for always making us look good and always putting our clients needs first.

Howard J. Fleischmann Sr.
Community Tire


I have had the privilege since 1992 of providing Valley Towing their towing equipment. Bob and Karen Dyar always made me feel like I was part of their family. They instilled their work ethic and integrity into their children, grandchildren and employees, making Valley Towing one of Arizona's oldest family owned Towing companies. Not only is Valley Towing one of Arizona's oldest Towing companies, but they also have been recognized many times on a National level receiving awards for stellar customer service. I am proud to have them as a valued customer, but more then that, to have them as friends.

Todd Grone
Todd Equipment Inc.


I just wanted to send a letter of appreciation for the 25 plus years of great service you have provided us. We use Valley for all of our personal and business needs with the Towing and Limousine services. They have always conducted business in a very friendly and courteous way. I would recommend Valley to all my friends and family because I know they will get great service at a fair price.

Tim Craig
Superstition Body and paint


Why valley Towing is programmed in my cell phone?? Easy, Emergencies happen, and it's nice to know that the voice that answers this number will take care of me or anyone that needs service like my customer who impaled her SUV on top of a rock, they were there within the hour and helped her off the rock with little to no damage to her vehicle. Or the time someone parked where they shouldn't have and we had a huge Toy Tester event with over 2000 people attending. At 6:00 am the phone call was answered with " we'll be there soon" ! How can you ask more then that for service? And if I needed them out on the freeway...I know that they deliver great customer service every time. Like I said " On speed Dial ".

Kate Tanner


We have been using your service for many year, and prior to me working here. The service has been excellent, and drivers are a quick as possible. We are very happy with the service and will continue to use your company.

A. Lee Viggino
Purcell Tire


I have had the pleasure of working with Valley Limousine & Charter for over 15 years as a meeting planner/Destination Services provider here in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Over the years Rinny, Julie, Barry and the entire team at Valley have always exceeded my expectations. Conventions are notorious for the amount of last minute changes and additions and I can always count on Valley to take it in stride and with a smile, doing everything in their power to partner with me to make my events a success. Valley Limousine & Charter are a wonderful transportation company and I am happy to have them on my extended team.

Casey Hargett
iDeal Destinations Inc.


We have worked with Valley Limousine & Charter for over 20 years ! They are always Professional and always deliver the best vehicles and drivers for every event. Their office staff is extremely helpful and always available for any and all requests. We look forward to another 20 years !!

Kim Culver
Desert Foothills Events


Personally, I have done business with all the Valley family of companies and I cannot recommend anyone as highly as I would this group of exceptional individuals. Valley Limousine & Charter use professional drivers who are on time with clean, safe and arrive in reliable equipment. They make the trip effortless and enjoyable. Valley Towing has bailed us out on many occasions. While it's never fun to need a tow truck, the drivers are courteous and knowledgeable. Valley Drive Away has logged thousands of miles for us delivering new buses to our dealership from all over the country. The vehicles are always delivered timely and in excellent condition. Karen and Rinny have a great staff waiting to serve in any capacity they can. Please feel free to call me for a reference.

Dale Couturier
Arizona Bus sales


My family has been serving phoenix's automotive needs since 1942 through Ray Korte Chevrolet, Ray Tanner Volvo, Tanner Collision and Tanner Motors. Right by our side, for most of these years, has been the trustworthy, dependable partnership of Valley Towing. For four generations, we have known that we can count on them every time, Day or Night.

Mike Tanner
Tanner Luxury Collision Inc.


I have been in the auto service industry in the Phoenix market for more than 30 years and have utilized Valley Towing for my exclusive tow provider. Their impeccable service and fast response out performs the competition hands down. This is the type of company I would refer all my business partners and personal friends to anytime. Keep up the " Great Service " Valley Towing and thanks for all you do.

Joe Downey
Sands Chevrolet


I want to thank you very much for the quick response to our broken down van. Your driver was there in less than 30 Minutes to pick up the van from the side of the freeway and take it to the dealer. From the time I called your office I was treated like a special customer. My technician commented on how clean your truck was and how kind your driver was. Your staff made our inconvenience a pleasant experience. Thanks again and I will definitely refer anyone I know that needs towing service.

Howard " Happy " Hayes
Preferred Auto Glass


We have used valley Limousine & Charter to transport our Student Athletes for over 5 years. They are very reliable and easy to work with. Thank you for taking care of our transportation needs.

Shawn Gatson
Bourgade Catholic High School


I want to thank all of you at Valley Towing & Limousine for your ongoing service. After discovering you all about 2 years ago, you continue to impress me with your professionalism and service, which in my opinion is second to none. A quick trip to the airport, a special night out and even a rescue off the highway, you've been there for my business and family. Thank you !

Dave Patterson
Coffee Solutions Company


I have been doing business with Valley Limousine for over twenty years and would never dream of using another vendor. They show up early, the driver is always professional, courteous and attends to our every need. They absolutely go above and beyond. Booking and scheduling is a breeze and they are always accommodating to special requests. Every person I have sent their way has raved about the caliber of service that they have received, which is why I continue to send all of my referral business on to Valley.

Bennett Conklin


Valley Towing has been an exceptional business partner in supporting the towing needs of " Ward North American ". The quick response time and the quality of personnel that valley Towing employs have helped my company to generate additional business by providing towing services to Ward North American customers. On several large commercial relocations projects, I have used Valley Towing to relocate forklifts for my customers and each time Valley Towing's service was outstanding, timely and extremely professional. I strongly recommend their services and look forward to working with them in the future.

David C. Pitcox
Ward North American


It has been my pleasure to have worked closely with Valley Limousine, Valley Charter, Valley Towing and Valley Drive Away for well over 15 years. As a vendor, Valley Charter has always treated me with the utmost respect and proven to be an invaluable business partner. They are fair and forthright in all business dealings and conduct themselves with unmatched integrity. As a customer, Valley strives to place their customers first. Their equipment is state of the art, clean and reliable. Their employees take ownership of their responsibilities and noticeable go out of their way to deliver top notch service exceeding my expectations. I believe such attributes are the mark of great leadership, strong management and an enjoyable working environment. I encourage anyone looking for such services to work with the Dyar family and their wonderful staff. You wont be disappointed.

Jason P. Walle
Arizona Bus Sales


I have been doing business for 40 years with Valley Towing. They have always been professional, courteous, and efficient. Our customers have always commented on their abilities and care for their vehicles. Their state of the art vehicles have been capable to meet all of our customers vehicle needs whether it’s a 4x4 truck or exotic car. Their drivers are very knowledgeable in the use of their equipment when helping us to determine the type of tow vehicle needed.

Andy Val
Raintree Auto Body


Dear Dyar Family,

Thank you Dyar family, thank you for making the first day of my new families’ life end perfectly.

When I was a little kid I was always fascinated by classic cars, I always wanted one. Every time I saw one and told my parents I wanted one they told me to save for one. I mowed lawns and shovled snow for 4 years to be able to afford a 1966 Mustang that I was able to buy when I was 15 ½. This car has stayed and will stay with me forever.

My bride to be understood the importance of this car to me and agreed to be driven away from our wedding in it. I asked for very little in terms of wants for our wedding but this one was very important to me. Unfortunately before the wedding the mustang broke down and had to be towed. The mustang was damaged during the pickup. The owner of the company called me right away and promised to make it right. I informed him of the pending wedding, the need for the car to be there, and the short time frame this all had to happen within.

Fast forward to...

The day of the wedding. When I arrived at the wedding venue the Mustang (washed and waxed) was sitting there perfectly repaired and ready to go. I think it even had a full tank of gas in it. My wife and were able to start our new life together the way we wanted and cannot wait to show our kids the picture. I do think our baby that is on the way-Oliver Ford Plowright will greatly appreciate the picture of us driving away in his future car.

In this day and age a company is only as good as its action, words are meaningless. People promise the sky and deliver nothing. Call me old fashioned but as a Chicago native I still believe when someone looks you in the eye and shakes your hands it means everything. Valley towing meant everything they said and delivered above and beyond. They could have not stepped up I could have had to file an insurance claim, they could have done whatever they wanted but they didn’t. They treated me like family and they took care of it.

When it comes to your child-peace of mind is priceless, it is nice to know that Valley towing is a speed dial away from being there to help my family if ever need it. If you are reading this letter, save their number in your phone and I hope you never need to use it.

Thank you again,
Rob and Jennifer Plowright



I understand that doing business in the challenged market conditions we are faced with, have forced many company's to stray from their core values and mission in the name of survival.

I thought you should know that the services you and your team have been providing YESCO, and me personally, prove the value in preserving these essential core values are just as important today as when your company was defining itself.

Your fleet is first class and diverse enough to properly serve our fleet of trucks and aerial equipment. Your drivers are professional and represent you well. I feel especially qualified to make this statement, as you know I have spent some quality time with your drivers, as I personally experienced a series of breakdowns several hundred miles away.

I look forward to a long business relationship with you, your family and your team as contrary to the current trend, relationships do in fact matter.

Best regards,
Paul Gullo